Two and a Half Months…

It’s been 2.5 months since I last posted.  Blogging is hard, guys.

Here’s what I’ve been up to: work, running, more work, sewing, more work.   In all seriousness though, the conference I run starts next Saturday, and I spent all of last week in a seminar on Science and Technology Policy.  Pretty much, I’m exhausted all the time.

So, what’s happened since I last posted?  Well, I hit a major milestone with my health – I officially have lost 40 lbs since July 2014.  There’s an entire post on that in drafts, so I’ll finish that up and post it soon.

One of my best friends got married, and I got to be part of that!  I loved being there for her, even though I ended up having to leave fairly early.  The flu reared it’s ugly, ugly head halfway through dinner.

Image Credit: Stephanie Messick Photography

I finished my mini-placement in Holiday Shops for Junior League!  It was a great experience, and I’m considering making it my actual placement next year!

And, I’ve been doing an awful lot of sewing!


For Christmas, we’re off to England, so before we leave, I’m planning a big swap post.  I have two more to ship before we go, and one to ship in February.  Otherwise, I’m closing out!  Well, kind of.  I’m planning on taking a step back from the swaps for next year.  I have a lot of projects that have been on the back burner for a while because I have limited time for sewing if I’m also running and working for two organizations and volunteering, and I think it’s time to start working on them.  I also want to be better about blogging and promoting myself, which hopefully will lead to some commissioned projects.  I could use the money, and I really want PeekabooStitches to be a real thing, not just a dinky little blog.  I know, that means I need to be better about actually posting, but I have to start somewhere, and this decision is the first step.  I’m also working on making some changes to my career.  I’m hoping to slowly move to just one job, and that might take some time, but it’s on my list of priorities.

And, running.  I ended up having to skip Philly.  It was really hard, but it was the right decision.  I’ve been out of running mojo for a while, so it’s time for me to take a step back, deal with stress in a couple other areas of my life, and get back to a space where I enjoy running and am motivated to do it.


On another note, tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  M’s parents are hosting us and my parents.  My brother started boot camp this week, so he’s going to miss the turkey goodness, but my mom insists they’ll have halfway decent food in the mess for them.  We’re on the hook for potatoes, vegetables, and a dessert, officially.  So, we have our 10 lb bag of potatoes for mashed and roasters – his dad will make the roasters, I’m making the mashed, and I bought creme fraiche for it.  I’m definitely doing bacon roasted brussels sprouts for our vegetable, but I’m also considering a batch of bourbon maple glazed carrots.  And, for dessert, I’m making a pear and cranberry pie.  I’m also making a cabernet cranberry sauce, and maybe an orange bourbon cranberry sauce.  And yesterday, I made cranberry jam to put on turkey sammiches.  Nom.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I’ll be back once the conference starts and I have some down time!



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