Weekly Roundup

Welcome to the first week of my new attempt, and our first run at format. I’m not going to lie to you, this might be rough. As I mentioned, this whole daily/weekly writing thing does not come naturally for me. I’m hoping beyond hope that by scheduling my posts, by forcing myself to write out a daily to-do list in my planner (I’m using the Quilter’s Planner) and by forcing myself to look at that EVERY DAY, I can improve. Here’s hoping it works, and it lasts.


This week, we’re focusing on job search. I submitted an application last week and heard back that they’ve received it and will be in touch. As much as I hate cover letters in English, cover letters in German are worse. I know they’re important but they are not a good example of my professional writing ability. Hoping to find at least one more job and apply to it.

I’m working on cow #4 for “When There Are Nine.” I’m also planning on basting 1-2 quilts this week – a Homecoming and a Knitted Star. If I can do all of this, I’ll cut out a Grow quilt.

Currently reading “The Alienist” by Caleb Carr. This is definitely better than the television show. Highly recommend. I’m about halfway through, and I think my next one is a quick nonfiction read – “Step Aside for Royalty” by Eileen Parker.

Currently working through the second week of Peloton’s “Discover Your Power Zones” program. Woof. I missed a workout last week (I made it up) because I wasn’t feeling great, which means I had to quickly cram the last 3 workouts in rather than getting a day off between. I had hoped for some low impact/fun non-program rides this week, but I think given the way my legs are burning, I’m going to stick with some barre and dance cardio on my off days. Challenge progress (to bronze): 10 miles running, 28.2 miles on the bike, 7 days, 4 strength workouts. Winter launch challenge on track, Annual challenge is 885 min to my first milestone.

Non-Goal Things:

Last week, M and I decided that we need to go back to cooking together. We used to make a point of at least once a week finding a fun recipe and turning it into us time. It’s not really a date night, but it’s fun. Sunday we made a poached salmon with rice wine butter sauce and rice pilaf from Alex Guarnascelli’s book “Cook with Me.” The book was a gift for M from me for Christmas last year (2020), and I regret that we haven’t used it as much as we hoped. I think in our defense, between the wedding and the move everything fell by the wayside.

We’ve found a great butcher and a great fishmonger here, and we’re finally ready to resurrect the weekly cooking time. Sunday was our first run, and M picked the recipe. It’s my turn this week (I guess I need to start taking pictures of what we turn out with), and as much as I’m craving a whole fish recipe I think we’re going to go with a pasta. Maybe a make-our-own pasta night. Maybe ravioli? Something to look into!

Yesterday I also managed to call for a new prescription, which turned into an impromptu doctor’s appointment. Apparently it is standard procedure here to take blood and run an EKG? Well, the blood freaked me out. I was not prepared for it, I was dehydrated (having gone pretty much straight post workout) and hadn’t eaten, and I was by myself. Basically, it should have been the perfect storm for a fainting episode. Except I didn’t pass out! The lovely nurse was gentle, she was sweet, and even without talking to me and also needing to switch arms, I ended up being okay. So I guess I have a new doctor! Here’s hoping for continued progress on all fronts this week.