DCMQG Bee – May!

I’m loving being part of the DC Modern Quilt Guild.  It was kind of a big thing for me to join – I spent several months thinking about it, and then another few months debating with an out of town friend who had loved her guild before she moved, and she convinced me to just do it.  And I am SO GLAD I did.  I haven’t been able to attend quite as many events as I would like, and I’ve missed every meeting since the first one I went to, but I’m participating in other places.  Like the test group for the Bee!

Lynne asked for a wonky star block from this tutorial in aqua or purple, with a low volume background.  This was my very first time making a wonky block on purpose, and I really loved playing with it.  I opted to do the aqua version (shocking!), and I kept the scrappy to the star, rather than scrappy-ing up the background too.

Wonky Star Block


Thanks, Lynne, for a great first round!  I’m looking forward to next month’s block from Anna!


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