One of the things I think most quilters do when setting up a new space is to check out all that inspiration on the internet. I mean, a quick search on Pinterest gets you all kinds of cool ideas, and I definitely found some of them for my new space (aka my super cool new table!). And so many of those spaces use the same kinds of pieces, mainly from IKEA – the Kallax units and Alex drawers. 

I bought both of those pieces for the new space, because I can’t understand a world in which so very many quilters are wrong. But I have a small complaint about all of those spaces shown off on the internet, singing the praises of the Alex unit and Kallax – and I have some bigger complaints with Kallax just because of the nature of inserts – why not show us what’s in your drawers?! I see the potential, I know everyone has different quilty needs, but if you’re going to sing the praises of a set of drawers or a shelf with drawer or door inserts, LET ME SEE HOW YOU USE THEM! 

Which brings me to now. Because no one ever seems to share how exactly they use them, what their drawers look like, etc, as I get my room set up, I will! And yes, we will come back after things have settled and maybe I’ve changed things. But no sewing room reveal is complete without baring it all. Including my shameful messes. 

Also as part of this whole “moving to Europe, downsizing, radical life shakeup,” we are adjusting some of how we handle the rest of our lives. Which, let me tell you, is a wild fucking journey when you’ve been together almost a decade and living together for 7 years. The last time we looked for a place, we specifically looked for storage – closet space, built in bookshelves, enough space that we didn’t have to see each other if we didn’t want to (and that last has been magical for our relationship the last few years). Now? We wanted enough rooms to each have our own space, a garage, and the ability to get a puppy. We did want a storage room, but it was less important. 

Closet space? HA. We have a tiny little broom closet and that is the only actual closet that comes with our apartment. Our trip to IKEA after clearing customs had to manage my office/sewing room, and closets. We came out with a coat closet and a small closet for our bedroom, and to manage the fact that we need to eventually also downsize our dressers, we made sure to have drawers in it.  Also, I’m sure everyone is aware of global supply chain issues? Both those closets are doorless for the moment. 

We also need to pick up a cabinet/pantry space for the kitchen, and finish getting the small appliances. Our kettle should arrive Tuesday, but we still need a microwave (pro tip: if you find something you like in MediaMarkt, buy it) and I need to sort out the order for that one. Beyond that, we’re trying to avoid buying TOO much until we know exactly what we have and what we need and where it’s all going. I waffled on bringing the base of my former cutting table, but given that we do need storage space in the kitchen and we haven’t bought something for that spot yet, it’s a good thing I did end up having them packed!

Above, a quick video of my sewing space with the new Kallax and desk installed. So, much more to come in the next few weeks, but big steps are happening and I cannot wait to see how things feel as we get settled!

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